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About the South Devon Miniature Railway

The fleet

Currently we have one resident diesel affectionatly named "Greenie".
Greenie is a roanoake petrol-hydraulic loco.
She has had some major changes since being at the SDMR, now powered by a 10hp honda engine and an eaton 7 gearbox.
I it also features an alternator and compressor for powering the airbrake system.
Greenie also had a new body fitted 2 years ago to accomodate all the modifications, this was constructed by G.C. Engineering

The coaching stock shown in the picture is currently the only working set.
This was built by G.C. Engineering many years ago, it has recently been air fitted last year.
This coach set is named "The Artic Set" due to it featuring an articulated bogie in the centre.

The Route

The route is a half mile around the gardens of the South Devon Railway at buckfastleigh.
It has seen some major changes in the last few years, with the addition of a tunnel and the station being relocated to the main carpark of the SDR.




Running days

Please contact us for days in which the railway will be running, we are currently planning our 2014 season still, the timetable will be available soon.




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